Farewell to Mr Cowboy Tony Romo

I had always hoped that this day would never come. I always envisioned Tony Romo winning the Cowboys a championship and retiring as a Cowboy and then entering the Hall of Fame. Although he’s still a lock for the Hall of Fame (check his numbers before you come at me), it’s going to be tough to watch him winning for another team because I, like many Cowboys fans know that he still has a lot left in the tank.

I never thought I could love a player in any sport more than I loved Michael Jordan, but Tony Romo has taken that spot for me. Did Tony ever win a Super Bowl with us? NO! Was he ever named MVP of the league with us? NO! But what he did do can’t be measured by numbers and wins. What he did was give hope and excitement to a franchise that desperately needed it. No matter who the Cowboys were playing we always felt like as long as #9 was out there we had a chance to win and that made watching games on Sunday with Tony under center so much more enjoyable to watch.

I’ll always remember his smile after making a good play, I’ll always remember the fist pump and I’ll damn sure always remember the “romo spin”. I often times felt like we as Cowboys fans didn’t deserve to have Tony as our QB. He literally gave his body up for the team week in and week out and in return he was subjected to slander and boos from fans who failed to see his value to the team and love of the game.

No matter where Tony ends up I will always root for him! If the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl and the team he plays for makes it as well then dammit I’ll have to split my soul from my body and root for both teams. I hope where ever he ends up at, the fanbase welcomes him and shows him the respect he deserves.

I was in the bathroom at work today watching Romo highlighs and sitting in the corner like Jim Carrey in “Ace Ventura” when he found out Louis Einhorn was a man. It just doesn’t feel right how this whole thing is transpiring and it makes me want to throw up. It’s like getting rid of the car you had in high school that you created so many memories in when you went and got a newer shinier model. You like the new car but something about the old one will always hold a place dear in your heart.

Thank you Tony for being MY QB! Good luck where ever you go and we’ll see you in February!


My Thank You to Tony Romo

The date was October 15th, 2006 and I was sitting at home watching my Dallas Cowboys play against the Houston Texans. Our starting QB was Drew Bledsoe of New England Patriot fame and a pretty descent QB in his own right. Much older now, Bledsoe showed nearly NO mobility and less zip on the football, but with WR’s like Terrell Owens out there he could surely cover up for any of Bledsoe’s shortcomings.

Late in the game Bledsoe goes down, along with our hopes of making the playoffs…even worse…who was our backup!!! Then we hear the announcer say “coming in for the Cowboys is #9 Tony Romo”….WHO?!! Me like every other Cowboys fan across the nation let out a collective “what the hell is a ROMO???” So here comes this baby faced guy that NO one has heard of, he completes a long pass to Sam Hurd then a TD pass to T.O….hmmm not bad not bad.

From the next week on when he permanently replaced Bledsoe as the starter, Tony Romo showed week in and week out, season after season why an undrafted kid from a division II school belonged on the games biggest platform. During his time in a Dallas Cowboys uniform Romo proceeded to wow and amaze Cowboys fans across the globe, be it when he was throwing for 500 yards and 5TDs or leading the Cowboys on a game winning 2-minute drive with no timeouts. Romo always gave it 110% and left it all on the field, yet tons of Cowboys fans felt that HE was the reason the Cowboys never reached the Super Bowl or NFC championship game for that matter. But lets look at the facts…

Romo has become the Cowboys all-time leading QB in EVERY major statistical category. Completely shattering the records of a QB who most Cowboys fans feel was the best in the teams history, Troy Aikman. Actually Tony Romo’s numbers for his career hold steadfastly against other QB’s who are either in the Hall of Fame or headed to it.

Throughout Romo’s tenure as the QB of the Dallas Cowboys we’ve seen great games and great seasons which fell short and we saw mediocre seasons that didn’t live up to its preseason billing. Now was it ALL on Romo…of course not…actually if it wasn’t for Romo the 8-8 seasons we did have, we wouldn’t have won those 8 games without him. Now I know some are going to point out the “bobbled snap” in Seattle and the late game Int’s and the year we were the number one seed and lost to the Giants in the second round.

To those people I say this, lets look at some of those games…the Jets when he threw the late Int to Revis, fans exploded but what people didn’t realize was Dez Bryant ran the wrong route which resulted in the Int, lets look at the Detroit game where our defense gave up 300 yards to ONE player and even through all of that Romo took us on a game winning drive and scored with only 47sec left on the clock…Detroit with no timeouts drove down the field and won the game…and lets not forget the game against Denver where he threw for 500 yards and 5TDs and the 1Int that came late in the game because he tripped over someone’s foot, but people overlook the fact that his defense failed to force a punt the ENTIRE GAME!

Now I get Giants, Eagles and Skins fans not liking Romo, I expect it…but Cowboys fans who REALLY know football know that there is NO legitimate reason to dislike Romo. And although I know how the business side of the NFL works, I just never thought I’d see the day where Romo would be leaving and be playing in another jersey. My biggest regret is that Tony never got the respect or recognition from the “fans” that he actually deserved! The man literally gave his body for this franchise and there are people who call themselves fans that are happy that he’s leaving.

I always dreamed that Romo and Witten would win an NFL championship together and now that dream is at an end. I just want to say THANK YOU to Tony Romo for being the best QB he could be for this franchise. He showed up day in and day out and did it the right way. Never got in any trouble and has always handled himself above reproach. So many times Tony could have taken the “low” road and thrown a teammate under the preverbial bus but every presser, every interview no matter whose fault it was, his response was always “I have to get better”. Leaders like Tony Romo come once in a while and I am just fortunate and thankful to be able to say he was my QB.

No matter what the future holds for Tony Romo I wish him and his family all the best and I will continue to root for him, just like he told the current starting QB for the Cowboys…”You’re the kind of guy I root for” and I can say the same about Romo. I’m going to miss his smile and his energy on the field. There are over 1500 players in the NFL and not ONE…has ever had anything negative to say about him and to me that speaks volumes.

I wanna say thank you to Tony for creating some of the most exciting moments in my life and for giving me the biggest thrill in my favorite game against the Bills where he threw 5Ints and still led us downfield in FG position to win the game…moments like that live in infamy and the excitment and joy those moments create can’t be forgotten.

To whatever team Tony goes to, I hope the fan base there treats him with more respect and dignity that some of the Cowboys fans treated him with throughout the years. Tony has ended up not only being my favorite Cowboys player of all-time but my favorite player in NFL history and I am going to greatly miss seeing his #9 jersey on sundays in Cowboys colors.

Thank you Tony Romo for waking up at the crack of dawn and watching extra film to prepare for an opponent, thank you for staying late after practice to work on routes with young up and coming WRs, thank you for handling yourself with class and dignity even when the so called fans treated you like your name was Drew Henson and most of all thank you for setting an example for the next young up and coming QB Dak Prescott and showing him what it means to be a professional and what it takes to succeed in this league.

See you soon in the Super Bowl Tony…all I ask is don’t throw for too many touchdowns against us 🙂

Good Luck Tony!!