Finally the dark months of February – July have passed us by and we are now in the sacred month of August where our favorite NFL teams report to training camp and the dream of winning the Super Bowl begins.

Every year fans give predictions and talk their trash about how good their team was last year and how the trend will continue and also how their 2-14 team will break .500 and contend for the division. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, football season is a great time for all and I’m glad its back!!

In this blog post I will list my preseason predictions and sleeper picks

AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers, for obvious reasons I’m picking them to win this division pretty easily. With a three headed monster like Big Ben, Bell and Brown its kind of hard to pick against them. Sure their defense is not what it used to be and some may foolishly say that Tomlin is on the hotseat this year but I think they finish with a nice 11-5 record.

AFC South – Houston Texans, ok I already hear you screaming “HOW CAN YOU PICK AGAINST THE COLTS WHEN THEY WIN THIS DIVISION EASILY EVERY YEAR”….just hear me out…number 1, Luck is hurt…clearly he’s gonna miss at least 2 games and even when he comes back there’s no guarantee that he’s going to be 100%. And I know they don’t have a solidified QB (a proven winner) but with Miller and Hopkins and with Watt and that defense I don’t think this is too far fetched.

AFC East – New England Patriots, duh! it’s no surprise here…and as much as I can’t stand him, Tom Brady just flat out gets it done!! As long as #12 is out on the field they will be the perennial winners of this division and it’s not even close.

AFC West – Oakland Raiders, this team was my “sleeper” pick last year and they didn’t disappoint!! I truly believe that if Carr doesn’t get hurt then they go further in the playoffs. Coupled with Mack anchoring that defense and Carr’s return, I believe the Raiders will prove last year was NO fluke!

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys, yeah yeah yeah I know what you’re going to say…”but YOU’RE a Cowboys fan!!” ok and?? Anyone who knows me knows I’m a realistic Cowboys fan. I truly believe that Dak Prescott will take another step forward (no I’m not saying he’s gonna be Rodgers or Brady, I’m just simply stating that the kid will NOT hit a sophomore slump. Any young QB in the league would LOVE to have a Zeke or a Bryant or Witten at their disposal, not to mention the best OL in football. Yes I know the defense still has to show and prove but even without a good defense they have been contenders.

NFC South – Atlanta Falcons, normally I wouldn’t pick a team that blew the most historic lead in Super Bowl history to do anything the next year but, lets be real…Ryan is the reigning MVP, he has Julio (arguably the best WR in football) and a pretty good running game…and lets not forget that their defense is pretty good.

NFC North – Minnesota Vikings, ok first off, FUCK AARON RODGERS!! and second, Minnesota might have the best defense in the NFC and I know they don’t have AP and I know Sam Bradford is the QB (or Bridgewater) but I feel this young team took a big step last year and they don’t show signs of slowing down.

NFC West – Seattle Seahawks, yeah I know this is a safe pick but to be honest I don’t really see anyone else in this division threatening them for the title (barring injury). I know there’s been some turmoil in the locker room there but I highly doubt Carroll will let that deter them from whats important and thats winning!


AFC – This year I’m going to pick the Chargers, yeah I could’ve gone Chiefs but I’m going with the Chargers off the pure stupid logic that….Philip Rivers is DUE! lol. He really is a good QB and I can’t imagine him ending his career without at LEAST playing in an AFC championship game or Super Bowl.

NFC – My sleeper pick for this year is going to be….the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! I actually like young Winston and the energy he brings to the team. They have a good young offense and if they can get SOME help on defense they might actually make a push for the division.




A “useful” Pro Bowl?!

When I was younger, I would look forward to the Pro Bowl. Seeing players like Dion Sanders, Michael Irvin and Joe Montana on the same field intrigued me and from what I can remember, people actually used to watch. It being in Hawaii and signifying the end of the season just felt….right.

Fast forward to the last 10-15yrs…the Pro Bowl has become a toss and catch contest between teams who for the most part don’t really take the game serious and are just out there to converse with their friends and teammates. Now to be fair…can you blame them? I mean what’s the point in going out and playing your hardest when the game is pretty much meaningless. No player (especially a pro bowler) wants to go out and get hurt in any game, let alone a meaningless one such as the pro bowl.

When the MLB faced this issue years ago they came up with an idea to make their All Star game mean something, have ramifications. The end result was home field advantage to the winning side in the World Series. Seemed like a good idea, I mean players who were playing and their team was in the hunt would actually show up to play because it could benefit their team and those guys whose teams weren’t in it may have still slacked off but would be covered up by those who were actually trying.

Now with the NFL, of course you can’t grant home field advantage to the winning side of the pro bowl for a few reasons…one, because the game is played at the end of the season…and two, the Super Bowl is played on a neutral field. The key here is to find a way to make the Pro Bowl meaningful again, get the players actually caring about it and in turn give the NFL fans a great product to watch.

Here is what I suggest the NFL do with the Pro Bowl and just hear me out on this before you blow my mentions up. Play the pro bowl at the beginning of the season (i.e. the hall of fame game). So for example, the players voted to the pro bowl this year would be in the pro bowl game at the beginning of preseason. Now I know what you’re thinking…but thats stupid because it’ll add an extra week to the preseason. NO! We use the Pro Bowl as the “hall of fame” game. Another reason you have it at the beginning is because if you’re like me, you have been suffering the last few months without football, you know those months of February – August. So living through the dark ages without the NFL, you are quick to welcome a preseason game where you get to see your favorite players for what…one maybe two drives and the rest are guys trying to make the team. Why not reward us by giving us big name players who don’t have to play the whole game because, hell they’re ALL big name players.

Ok so I know some folks are reading this and saying “but what if they get hurt, its more chance of them getting hurt” ok…sooooo…them playing the game at the end of the year or beginning of the year will increase their chances of getting hurt?? Give me a break!! Most of these guys play in preseason games anyways, even if it is for one drive or so. They can get hurt at anytime so miss me with all that. Ok so we’ve solved the issue of getting people to tune in and be interested, now how to make the players get into and give us a good game to watch. The winning side (AFC/NFC) those player’s teams will get either one extra challenge a game without having to win two first or get to kick their extra points from the 2yd line like before. The winning side, those coaches from those teams will have to have a majority vote. Once the vote is made it cannot be changed for the season. The choice will last only during the regular season.

I think this will force players to take the game a little more seriously and in turn will give us a good show. Let me know what you all think.