Hollywood Shift

For as long as I can remember, Hollywood, CA has been the gold standard for making movies big and small. Big A-listers such as Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks have all made huge blockbuster hits in Tinseltown.

And while its nothing new for producers and directors to opt for shooting on location out of the country, I mean look at films that date back as far as the first Star Wars, it seems that in recent years Hollywood has shifted its sights to shooting in “money saver” locations…mainly Georgia.

Films with huge budgets such as Marvel’s Captain America Civil War and the upcoming ¬†Avengers: Infinity War are choosing to opt out of filming in Hollywood and taking their talents to Georgia. While I love Hollywood and the walk of fame and the Hollywood sign and etc, I think its a GREAT move for studios like Marvel and Fox to start filming in locations that allow their films to stretch their budgets as far as possible.

Now I know some are going to say “well just because a movie has a huge budget it does NOT mean its going to be a success, just ask Michael Bay and his Transformers movies”. And yes I totally agree with those people but lets be honest here can you really tell the difference between a movie shot in Hollywood and one shot in Atlanta? NO! People went and enjoyed Captain America Civil War and NOT ONE person said “hey…that movie was great, but it would’ve been a lot better if it was shot in Hollywood.

I say this to say I’m glad this shift is taking place, sort of like how the Super Bowl used to just be played in Florida or California…now it seems every city is getting a chance to host the big game. Even if your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, if its in your city, the city is just alive and fun. I remember when I was in D.C. and Transformers 3 came to film there, the entire city was a buzz and excited. Did we get to see actual transformers in action? no…actually all we saw was a bunch of pyrotechnics and cameras following invisible robots, but when we saw “bumblebee” and “optimus prime” drive on set we lit up with emotion. So why can’t fans all over the country feel that same joy about seeing their favorite actor or fictional character?

Hell lets start filming big budget films in Idaho for all I care, lets film Justice League in Mississippi, lets just roll the dice and see where they fall!!! I’m sure those fans in those states would love to see Brad Pitt just eating in a local diner or Will Smith shopping in a mall.

And yes I love Hollywood and the history and mystique of it just like everyone else and NO I don’t think that choosing to film less and less there will somehow diminish its meaning to the movie world. A great director and producer can film in the darkest cave or a barren moon and make it great.

Ask anyone who wants to be an actor where they want to move to and 90% will say “Los Angeles”, but in recent years I’ve heard more and more people opting to move to Atlanta because they know more and more major films and tv shows are being filmed there and they may have the same opportunity there that they would have in Los Angeles (Hollywood).

In closing, anyone reading this who wants to pursue a career in acting should definitely make Atlanta an option. Cheaper cost of living and less congested and I promise you that only more and more big budget productions are going to be made available to you.