I had always hoped that this day would never come. I always envisioned Tony Romo winning the Cowboys a championship and retiring as a Cowboy and then entering the Hall of Fame. Although he’s still a lock for the Hall of Fame (check his numbers before you come at me), it’s going to be tough to watch him winning for another team because I, like many Cowboys fans know that he still has a lot left in the tank.

I never thought I could love a player in any sport more than I loved Michael Jordan, but Tony Romo has taken that spot for me. Did Tony ever win a Super Bowl with us? NO! Was he ever named MVP of the league with us? NO! But what he did do can’t be measured by numbers and wins. What he did was give hope and excitement to a franchise that desperately needed it. No matter who the Cowboys were playing we always felt like as long as #9 was out there we had a chance to win and that made watching games on Sunday with Tony under center so much more enjoyable to watch.

I’ll always remember his smile after making a good play, I’ll always remember the fist pump and I’ll damn sure always remember the “romo spin”. I often times felt like we as Cowboys fans didn’t deserve to have Tony as our QB. He literally gave his body up for the team week in and week out and in return he was subjected to slander and boos from fans who failed to see his value to the team and love of the game.

No matter where Tony ends up I will always root for him! If the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl and the team he plays for makes it as well then dammit I’ll have to split my soul from my body and root for both teams. I hope where ever he ends up at, the fanbase welcomes him and shows him the respect he deserves.

I was in the bathroom at work today watching Romo highlighs and sitting in the corner like Jim Carrey in “Ace Ventura” when he found out Louis Einhorn was a man. It just doesn’t feel right how this whole thing is transpiring and it makes me want to throw up. It’s like getting rid of the car you had in high school that you created so many memories in when you went and got a newer shinier model. You like the new car but something about the old one will always hold a place dear in your heart.

Thank you Tony for being MY QB! Good luck where ever you go and we’ll see you in February!


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