Are you a homer?! Meaning are you someone who roots for your hometown sports teams. Me being from D.C., whenever football is brought up, people always assume I am a Redskins fan. I quickly correct them and let them know that I am a proud Dallas Cowboys fan!! 90% of the time people ask, “man how you from D.C. and like the Cowboys?” I explain that my entire family likes the Skins, I wanted to be rebellious and there you have it. And just to be clear, at that time the Redskins were actually winning Super Bowls so its not like I liked the Cowboys cause they were on top.

Now when it comes to Baseball, Basketball, College Football/Basketball and even Hockey…I love the Nationals, Wizards, Terps and Capitals. So often on Twitter or Facebook I will come across arguments stating “YOU CAN’T BE FROM SO AND SO AND LIKE SO AND SO TEAM!!!” Says who?!! What’s wrong with a person living in Seattle and liking the Green Bay Packers or someone living in Los Angeles and liking the Boston Celtics?!?! I don’t believe your geographical location should dictate what sports team you root for…thats absolutely crazy!!

The only time I believe in the exception to the rule is when it comes to a college/university you have attended. If you went to the University of Arizona then dammit root for them no matter where you are in country. Now if you’re one of the many that did not attend college and you live in Kentucky but you’re a Duke fan, then more power to you!

I say all of this to say, we all have many different reasons why we like a certain team…for some they grew up watching a certain player and fell in love with that player and that became their team. Some people were bred from birth to like a certain team as sort of a passing of the torch type of deal. And for some they just like the damn uniforms…yes it happens! But to say “hey, we live in Philly so we HAVE to like the Eagles is a damn travesty. Maybe you live in Philly but like the way Philip Rivers plays so you’re a Chargers fan now…cool…nothing wrong with that AT ALL!!

Now lets think about this…sure, if you’re a Patriots fan or a Spurs fan then its easy work being a homer! right? That’s easy, you guys get bragging rights on an average of every 1.8 years…now those who are reading this that are homers of those sports teams that continuously fail and underachieve year after year ala the Browns or the 76ers, to you I say…be strong!! If Cubs fans can wait 108 years in between championships and remain loyal then dammit so can you. It takes a lot of gusto to be a homer of a bad franchise and you homers are what makes sports great!



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